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Xenical is the brand name of the generic drug Orlistat. It is also known as Alli and is used to help with weight loss. Taken in conjunction with a weight loss program, those who are on a restricted calorie intake, adding physical activity to their daily routine, and eating low calorie or low fat foods often use Xenical for added weight loss. There are several types of prescription weight loss pills and each works in a specific way. Some weight loss drugs work by suppressing appetite, while others create a sense of fullness in the body. Xenical is known as a lipase inhibitor. This means that the prescription medication causes a person to lose weight by preventing fat absorption in the body. Instead of digesting fat and having it pass through the intestines, where it can then attach itself in the body, it remains in an unabsorbed state and passes through the digestive system where it is exited in stool.

Because Xenical causes an increase of fat too pass through stool, there are several unpleasant side effects associated with the popular weight loss drug. The excessive amount of fat can cause stools to be unusually oily, greasy, foul smelling, and painful. Some patients report having an increased amount of bowel movements in a day, while others find they cannot control their bowel movements. Leakage or staining in underwear is common as well as feeling pain or discomfort in the rectum. Those taking Xenical should speak to their health care provider regarding any concerns or issues they may have.

In addition to the side effects related to stools, there are other side effects associated with Xenical. These are more serious and it is recommended that those who develop these symptoms notify their health care provider immediately. Serious side effects associated with Xenical use include dark colored urine, pain in the upper, right portion of the stomach area, nausea, vomiting or loss of appetite, feeling extreme pain in the stomach, jaundice or yellowing in the eyes and skin, having difficulty swallowing or breathing, developing skin issues such as rashes, hives, or uncontrollable itching, and light colored stools. These are just some of the known side effects associated with Xenical. It is recommended that those who develop any side effect contact their health care provider and make him or her aware of it.

Those taking Xenical are advised to follow the instructions entirely. You may take Xenical in capsule form and it is recommended to take it along with a meal where fat will be consumed. You may take Xenical up to one hour following a meal, as this will still help prevent fat from being absorbed in the intestines. Those who have eaten a meal, yet did not consume fat are advised to skip their dose of Xenical. It is important that those who have been prescribed Xencial follow their doctor’s instructions and take the medicine exactly as prescribed. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to ask your health care provider to thoroughly explain the directions to you. Make certain that you have the literature regarding Xenical and understand it thoroughly.

Your health care provider should have a clear understanding of your medical history, underlying health care or concerns, and any prescription, herbal, or over the counter medications that you are taking. There may be contraindications for those taking Xenical with immunosuppressants and your health care provider may recommend that you take the pills at different times. Other medications that may have contraindications with Xenical include medicine for diabetes, blood thinners, medication used for hypertension, and medicine prescribed for thyroid disease. Pregnant woman, those breastfeeding, or women considering becoming pregnant should speak to their health care provider before deciding to use Xenical.

Those who take Xenical are often on a reduced calorie diet as dictated by their health care provider. It is important to follow any diet plan as established by your health care provider in order to derive the maximum benefits from Xenical. Your health care provider might have you determine the exact amount of fats, protein, and carbohydrates that will be consumed at each meal. It is recommended to eat foods that are less than 30% fat as these often have less side effects. Eating meals that are extremely high in fat will increase your chance of experiencing unpleasant side effects. Because Xenical blocks the body’s absorption of fat, it is important that those taking.

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