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Weight Watchers enjoys a long history and has many success stories that has propelled it to becoming one of the most recognized weight loss programs nationwide. The program has many benefits which has caused it to become increasingly popular, as there are no required foods that must be purchased or eaten in order to adhere to the plan. Instead, Weight Watchers uses a point system that encourages members to make healthy choices. Though many assume Weight Watchers is solely for women, men and women nationwide use the program. Another key to Weight Watchers success is that it has a number of famous spokespeople who have represented the company throughout the years.

One of the keys to Weight Watchers’ success is that they have a number of ways in which members might participate. You may connect with Weight Watchers online as well as in local group meetings. The ability to connect with people online and off has helped meet various needs that women and men face when losing weight. For many, the peer support proves to be the motivating factor that keeps many on the plan and able to reach his or her goal. Knowing that you have friends who have not only shared similar experiences, but also face the same struggles and temptations can help ensure you have a support system in place.

Weight Watchers has more than 45 years experience and has customized their program over the years. Continually using the latest research and data, Weight Watchers is not afraid to adapt their methods and strategies for those that are in line with the latest scientific data. Another factor that has led to Weight Watchers success is their commitment to nutrition and ensuring that those who follow the plan may enjoy delicious, healthy, and nutritious meals. Many diet plans or weight loss programs involve a great deal of deprivation that often leads to binge eating. By taking a balanced approach to weight loss, many consumers find that they can work their plan without cheating or feeling guilty. This not only ensures that they will successfully lose weight but keep it off as well.

Weight Watchers has created a social environment that includes Facebook sharing, Twitter, YouTube videos, and a MySpace account. Weight Watcher’s also has a regular newsletter that includes healthful tips, recipes, exercise routines and workouts, and special deals. The sense of community between Weight Watchers members is strong and many find that by encouraging one another and offering support they can achieve their weight loss goals and support one another as they continue their journey and maintain their weight loss for life.

The Internet has opened Weight Watchers to many who might otherwise not be able to join the program. While some may live in rural areas and not have easy access to attend meetings in person, Weight Watchers online provides numerous resources and enables members that might not otherwise have access to connect to make personal relationships with other members. Whether through meetings or the Internet, members can benefit from having a coach or mentor that provides them with the emotional support needed.

Weight Watchers is widely known for their Points Plus Program. The program enables people to eat all foods but in a smart, healthy manner. The program is based on mathematic and scientific principles that allow people to take charge of their nutrition in a safe and effective manner. Designed for lifelong nutrition and maintenance, Weight Watchers is not a diet that focuses on deprivation. Whether you prefer face-to-face interaction and meeting with people in person, or would rather use the Internet to access the tools and support offered, Weight Watchers has a plan that will meet everyone’s needs. With more than 60% of the U.S. adult population severely overweight or morbidly obese, the freedom and tools provided by Weight Watchers has helped millions take control over their diets and reclaim their health.

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