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There is no doubt about it – Americans are fat and getting fatter. Back in the 1960’s, most Americans were within range of a healthy weight. These days, though, a combination of sedentary living – all of our hard tasks are done for us by robots or hired help – and a change in our work habits from manufacturing to white collar work have made us more obese and heavy than ever.

Unfortunately, for many people, losing weight is not as easy as doing a little dieting or maintaining a daily exercise routine. For whatever reason, they find themselves unable to lose those extra pounds. These people often find themselves turning to alternatives to weight loss, whether it is a surgical alternative such as gastric bypass surgery, or a less invasive alternative, such as diet pills with ephedra.

Ephedra is a natural weight loss supplement which comes from a plant. Herbalists and chemists dry the plant, grind it into a powder, and sell it in pill form. Unfortunately for ephedra’s proponents, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration banned the substance in 2004, citing health concerns. Apparently some people were finding themselves unduly sick over ephedra’s use. Ephedra was shown to cause constriction in the blood vessels, dilation of the airway and an increased, rapid heartbeat. Lesser side effects included stress on the circulatory system, upper-gastrointestinal effects, tremors and insomnia. Other people were finding themselves addicted to the stimulant-type effects of ephedra. Nevertheless, weight loss pills with ephedra are still available overseas and some proponents continue to tout weight loss pills with ephedra as one of the best ways to lose weight via a pill.

People who do tout the use of ephedra pills cite several studies that show people who took ephedra lost more weight than people who did not take ephedra, and that they did not see any significant risks to their hearts, circulatory systems or other bodily functions. These proponents also say that weight loss pills with ephedra can help in the weight loss process by increasing the amount of calories burned and suppressing the urges of the human appetite.

If you are in the market for ephedra diet pills, you will be unable to find them over the counter in the United States, though there are ways to buy them through online retailers. The names of products that include ephedra for weight loss include Ripped Power, Hydroxyslim, Metabolift, and Xenadrin RF-1. If you watched television in the 1990’s, you may recall seeing commercials and late night infomercials touting the uses of all of these supplements in the quest to lose weight.

Use extreme caution if you choose to purchase and ingest a product such as a ephedra weight loss product. As well as causing physical problems for users, ephedra has also been shown to cause psychological effects on users by messing with the functions of the nervous system. The insomnia and sleeplessness caused by ephedra can lend itself to other symptoms, including psychosis, so handle with extreme caution.

If you are suffering from a weight problem, contact your primary care physician and he or she can set you on the right course. If you do choose to use ephedra diet pills, be aware of all the risks before starting on a course of treatment. While our society values slim, healthy people as the traditional ideal, it is not worth risking your health or your life to attain that idea. Use good common sense when trying to lose weight. Make healthy diet decisions, and exercise at least 30 minutes per day. In this way, you will lose weight healthily, naturally and safely without putting yourself in danger.

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