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The Cytokine Diet

Humans are complex beings and with that complexity brings some difficulty in solving even our most rudimentary problem–obesity. Think about it, people gain weight because they eat too much and don’t exercise enough. That in itself is pretty simple and very easy to solve. Eat less and exercise more and you will magically begin to lose weight. However, if it actually were that easy, if there were not mental, psychological, genetic and glandular factors that all seem to conspire to make weight loss that much more difficult.

It may be that these barriers—both self imposed and inflicted from birth are the reason we consistently look to outside factors to help us in our struggle. From weight loss supplements to appetite suppressants, energy pills to water pills, laxatives to fad diets, weight loss shakes to B12 shots, we are constantly looking for that one outside source to help us overcome all of our mental and physical weight loss road blocks.

The Cytokine Diet is one diet that, in 2006, seemed to indicate there was yet another way to override our in born issues. The Cytokine Diet proposed that the addition of cytokine interleukin into our system would help up store our immune cells and would also result in less weight gain. The reason behind this theory was that cytokine interleukin worked with the hypothalamus and assisted the brain in more properly regulating your appetite. Test completed on lab mice showed that obese mice did not gain weight when injected with cytokine interleukin.

Of course, mice are different than men. If you have a psychological or emotional reason for eating too much and gaining weight then no amount of work with your hypothalamus is going to prevent you from gaining weight. The reason for this is that your eating is not at all, in any way, related to actual feelings of physical hunger. Instead, you eat to appease some portion of your psyche that uses food for comfort—whether you are hungry or not.

As yet, there have been no magic pills created that contain cytokine interleukin and purport to help you lose weight. It seems that the effect of cytokine interleukin on the hypothalamus and weight loss/ weight gain are still being explored. No clinical trials have been conducted on humans—or, if they have, no results of them have been shared with the public. It may be, after more testing and the introduction of clinical studies on humans, that cytokine interleukin offers a real solution to the obesity problem in some people.

Until that time, if you are struggling with your weight, your best option is to meet with your primary care physician to get input from him or her about the best way for you to lose weight. Your primary care physician can help you develop a diet and exercise routine that works with your normal schedule and needs. You can create an exercise routine that is low impact and easy to stick with and even start changing how you do every day household chores in order to increase their fat blasting capabilities.

The help of a therapist or counselor may help if you have an overriding emotional need to overeat. More than just helping you lose weight, seeking the assistance of a counselor can also help you better deal with stress and feel better about yourself.

Remember, you are complex. Treat yourself right and don’t look to a pill or a fad diet to solve all of your problems. If you do, you may set yourself up for temporary success but, as the pounds start to pack back on, you create permanent disappointment.

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