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Zero Carb Diet

What do you think if someone mentions a low carb diet? Atkins. What about a zero carb diet? Many people do not know what a zero carb diet is (other than an Atkins variation) and they are missing out on a great weight loss diet.

The most popular zero carb diet would be the ketosis diet. There are three main types of ketosis diets and each are beneficial for different reasons. One type is designed for weight lifters and it allows a moderate amount of carbohydrates to be consumed around the time of a workout. The other will allow a small amount of carbohydrates to be consumed regularly and may include a cycle period. The last type of ketosis diet is the zero carb variation which only permits consumption of trace carbohydrates and can show amazing weight loss results.

Why No Carbs Works
Your body is used to having a balance of carbohydrates and fat. If you went on a low fat diet then you may notice a bit of a weight loss. This will only be a temporary weight loss though as your body will adapt to the high carbohydrate consumption and start using the carbs as the main energy source. The same goes for a zero carb diet but it is a much more controlled diet that can be manipulated for tremendous weight loss success.

The diet will consist of only trace carbohydrate consumption and a high fat consumption. For the best results you will avoid unhealthy fats as much as possible. Many people consume healthy foods such as chicken and tuna while on this diet. However, it does require you to eat a lot of foods that can be considered unhealthy as well.

How It Works
Many people eat a lot of meat while on this diet such as hamburger patties, bacon, and more. Cheese is also a staple for a zero carb diet. There are almost no snacks on the zero carb diet other than pork rinds and even those have small amounts of carbohydrates. As your body enters ketosis (you can use keto sticks to check this) it will start using the consumed fat for energy. There will be no carbohydrates to use as energy so consumed fat will not be stored and packed on your body.

Your body basically goes into starvation mode but you are still eating and there are no major health risks. Although, you should still see your doctor and a zero carbohydrate diet is not recommended for anyone that is extremely out of shape. It is also not recommended for minors or at least not without a doctor advising that it is a safe diet to put your child on.

What Else To Know
You will have to be careful with what you eat. If you consume enough carbohydrates after entering ketosis your body will leave ketosis and you can easily gain weight. It can take two to five days to re-enter ketosis so you will be setting yourself back a bit if you try to have a cheat day. This diet is usually used with a carb up day (or week end) that occurs once every two weeks.

When you first start the diet you should not complete a carb up until three or four weeks in the diet as your body has to adapt. If you do not complete the carb up then your body will become adapted to using fat as energy and you will not lose much weight.

You can expect great results from this diet but you must follow it accordingly. Do not starve yourself while on this diet. Make sure that you are consuming enough food and are always full. You can drink water, diet soda, Crystal Light, and certain other drinks while on a zero carbohydrate diet. However, if you are drinking diet soda you should be careful as it may kick you out of ketosis. Aspartame and similar ingredients affect people differently so you will have to see how your body reacts to it.

You should also know that the diet can have various unwanted side effects. Some people feel refreshed by going on this diet and are full of energy. Others may feel fatigued and not wanting to do anything at all. You may also have aggressive mood swings and more but this will vary by person. You may not be consuming enough of certain nutrients while on the diet and it may cause some of these symptoms. So, make sure you check with your doctor that you are eating enough and enough of the right food before continuing if you feel bad.

The ketosis diet is not the only type of zero carb diet you can go on but it is a highly recommended diet plan. If you are looking to lose weight then this may be an effective route to go. You may only want to go on the diet for a month or two as a way to lose a bit of extra fat and then start exercising and maintaining a healthy balanced diet. Either way, if you are considering a zero carbohydrate diet then do some more research first and speak with your doctor to make sure it is a safe diet for you.

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