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Natural weight loss remedies hold many advantages compared to other programs, especially prescription weight loss pills. Many prescription drugs carry dangerous side effects that can wreak havoc on the body. Those who have underlying health conditions, are already taking prescription medications, or simply do not want to use prescription medications may find that natural weight loss remedies are best. The majority of natural weight loss methods and remedies include diet, supplements, herbal formulas, and exercise. Another important factor to consider when choosing natural weight loss remedies is the importance of drinking water.

Certain foods, herbs, and supplements are known for their thermodynamic properties or their ability to increase metabolism. This means that by taking these you can increase your body’s metabolism and help burn food and fat more efficiently. When you combine thermodynamic principles with exercise, you can see a significant reduction in weight through purely natural remedies. Some foods known for having thermodynamic properties include green tea, grapefruit, coffee, meat, raw almonds, blueberries, cayenne peppers, eggs, garlic, jalapeno peppers, tomatoes, yogurt, whey protein, lemons, limes, and oats. Of all the foods that are touted for their ability to boost metabolism, none other may be as well known as apple cider vinegar.

In addition to foods, there are a number of herbs that help increase or speed up metabolism. This helps promote weight loss because as metabolism is increased, there is greater efficiency in fat burning. Consumers may burn more calories and lose weight more easily. Herbs taken for the purpose of boosting metabolism include angelica root, kava kava, Siberian ginseng, yerba mate, guarana, ginger, garlic, cacao, and black pepper. Herbs may be consumed, added to foods, taken in pill or supplement form, or taken as liquid. Several coffee and tea flavors are derived from herbs as well. It is important to realize that there may be contraindications between herbs and prescription medications, even though herbs are natural. Always speak to your health care provider before adding various herbal supplements to your diet.

Boosting metabolism is an important aspect of natural weight loss and can have a tremendous benefit on your overall diet and fitness program. Adding various metabolism boosting foods will help but may be made more powerful when combined with a a weight-training program. Studies show that muscle burns more calories than fat and by developing muscles, you can keep your metabolism operating at maximum capacity and burn more calories during periods of rest. Those with higher percentages of muscle mass can enjoy more calories without gaining weight as easily as someone who has a body mass index that is overweight or obese. Exercise is an important aspect for increasing metabolism and when combined with a healthy diet, it will play a powerful factor in weight loss.

One often overlooked natural weight loss remedy is drinking water. Dehydration causes the body to retain water. This in turn gives a puffy or bloated appearance. Though it might seem contradictory, those who drink plenty of water actually lose more water and keep the body at a healthier weight. When dieting, drinking plenty of water will help flush away toxins, fat, and make the weight loss process one that operates smoothly and efficiently. The amount of water a person needs varies from one individual to the next. Generally speaking, women should drink approximately 9 cups of water per day and men should drink about 13 cups. These recommendations shift based upon the weight of the individual as well as their activity level. Those who exercise more have a greater need for additional water than those who are sedentary. Additionally, those who live in hot climates may find their need for liquids may be greater than it is for those in cooler climates.

One of the most effective forms of natural weight loss is calorie counting. When it boils down to it, losing and gaining weight is a scientific process that occurs when your caloric intake is greater than what you expend. By determining your calorie needs for your fitness level and ideal weight, you can map out a menu that not only meets your dietary and nutritional needs, but also shave calories from your diet. By cutting calories, including foods, herbs, and supplements that boost metabolism, drinking plenty of water, and exercising on a regular basis you can take charge of your diet and lose weight naturally.

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