iBest Weight Loss

The weight loss industry is a multibillion dollar industry. With the number of overweight and obese people in the world today, it is obvious why there is such a market for these products. Due to the large interest in finding an easy answer to weight problems, many companies can make a huge profit on products that do not really work.

If you do not know enough about a certain weight loss method, you might end up getting involved in something that is just going to worsen your health. Be cautious when dealing with these programs and make sure to find only effective weight loss programs so you know it will work. This article will list a few of the most effective weight loss programs which are guaranteed to show great results if you follow them perfectly.

There are many, many weight loss programs to choose from in the marketplace, although you will do well to remember that a large majority of these programs will offer a quick, short term fix. However there is no specific “magic bullet” that can help you lose weight. It is essential that you fully study and investigate a weight loss product or program prior to purchase. There are certain things you should be aware of and these will include high costs, pressure to purchase specific foods or pills, and fraudulent claims.

It is estimated that approximately 50 million Americans will go on a diet each year. However, only a staggering 5% of these people will actually keep the weight off for an extended period of time. The majority of dieters will continually struggle to lose weight and may never find an effective weight loss method that is suitable for them. As mentioned, there is no “magic bullet”, and losing weight will require hard work, and that you make some permanent lifestyle changes. It is important to stay active, eat a healthy diet, and watch the actual portion sizes at your eating.

One of the biggest mistakes that many people make is when they choose to use an over the counter weight loss product or a specific weight loss program, that they don’t actually make any lifestyle changes. No matter which way you decide to go, it is important to remember that you must consume fewer calories than you burn to lose weight. There are many diet products in the marketplace that are notorious for being highly ineffective. These include:

  • Diet patches were actually removed from the market by the FDA during the 1990s. Although the diet patches were greeted with a lot of hype, they were completely effective as a diet aid
  • Bulk Fillers such as Guar gum, once again, received much media attention however certain bulk fillers are known to cause internal obstructions
  • Magnet diet pills are reported to be able to flush fat out of the body, but unfortunately there has never been any scientific evidence or proof to back up their claims
  • Electrical muscle stimulators are being viewed very closely currently by the FDA. If they are ever promoted as a weight loss aid, the FDA will immediately remove them from the market

Diet drink powdered formulas have made a huge impact in the weight loss market. These are not a specific program, though well advertised as a weight loss product. They are typically mixed with a glass of milk or water and will substitute one or more meals during the day. However the majority of users who tried the shakes reported that they felt constantly hungry, and as soon as they gave up the shakes they would simply gain the weight back. Unfortunately if you decide to use diet drinks and shakes, you are merely trying to avoid learning about how food works and how it should be implemented into your life.

There are many effective weight loss plans which can be successful for people. However, you will have to figure out what you refer to by the term, “successful”. If you are just looking for a diet that will help you lose weight quickly, it is definitely possible. But, the problem with most of these diet plans is that they do not actually help you keep the weight off, so you will usually just gain it back anyway. This is often referred to as yo-yo dieting and is a serious problem that many dieters make.

The biggest problem with most diets is that they are not actually healthy. Many weight loss programs actually have diets that put your body into starvation mode and do not allow you the proper nutritional intake each day. You are essentially starving yourself on some of these diets and that is definitely never a good thing. You can obviously lose weight from starving yourself but if you want to lose it healthily and keep it off, you will need to find an effective weight loss program that is safe to use.

There are many commercial weight loss programs that are well known the world over. Some of these programs include Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, NutriSystem, Diet Centre and, of course, Atkins. Although these programs may have some very different specifics, they will usually offer a diet that consists of a daily allowance of 1000 to 1500 calories. In addition to this, some of these programs will offer individual and group counseling. Unfortunately, no matter how famous these programs have become, very few participants actually managed to succeed in keeping weight off long-term. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has participated in many investigations against some of the biggest names in a weight loss program industry, and has continued to bring action against some of these companies. They are constantly challenging their weight loss and maintenance claims.

Two of the most popular weight loss programs mentioned:
Jenny Craig – this will consist of weekly classes in individual counseling sessions. The sessions will provide motivation, nutritional advice and lifestyle management. You are able to use both Jenny Craig pre-portioned food and grocery store foods as well. One of the main strengths of Jenny Craig is that they give specific emphasis to practical eating habits and also aim to educate you about your behaviors. You can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week, and this program also actively encourages exercise.

Weight Watchers – this is all about providing support and education during group meetings, although there is individual counseling available. The main emphasis is on planning your meals and there is no need for daily calorie counting. You will find many stores and supermarkets carry specific Weight Watchers food, although it is not always required. As part of this program you will receive a daily point’s allowance which is based on your current weight. This program encourages slow and steady weight loss. They do not believe that there are any good or bad foods, but merely require you to eat sensibly. The program will also come with a personal daily exercise plan.

When selecting a weight loss program to follow it is important to make sure it is a healthy diet. If there are claims that you can lose a pound or more a day, it is obvious that it is not going to be a healthy diet and it likely will not work anyway. A healthy and successful weight loss will take much longer and you should not expect to lose much more than a pound per week when on a healthy diet.

After you finally do lose the weight, you will also have to understand that it is just as difficult to keep it off as it is to lose it. You need to change your eating habits and maintain a healthy lifestyle (with a healthy diet and regular exercise) in order to keep the weight off.