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Qnexa is a new weight loss drug that is composed of two FDA approved obesity drugs: phentermine and topiramate. The FDA previously rejected a bid from Vivus to have the drug approved, however in 2012, granted an approval. Phentermine is an appetite suppressant or an anorectic that is taken up to three times daily, typically thirty minutes before eating a meal. Like all prescription diet medications, phentermine is often used up to six weeks in length though it might be taken for a shorter duration. Topiramate is not known for use in obesity, but rather is an anti-seizure medicine that is often prescribed for those who suffer from epilepsy or other conditions where seizures are an issue. The previous FDA rejection was due to possible side effects associated with Qnexa, most specifically health problems and birth defects.

Though Qnexa has been approved, the FDA will closely monitor the drug for potential heart related issues. It is not recommended for use in children, pregnant, or breastfeeding women. It is believed that pregnant woman taking the medication might see a higher risk of babies born with cleft lips. Qnexa was recommended for approval after studies showed that it helped obese people lose an average of 22 pounds in one year, while lowering unhealthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Those considering taking Qnexa will need to weigh the risks of heart related illness from the medication compared to those associated with obesity. Your health care provider will review your past medical history and help you determine which prescription weight loss pill is best for your individual needs and circumstances.

Choosing the best weight loss option is often one of the most difficult decisions made. More than 60% of the adult population is considered severely overweight or obese making obesity one of the nation’s largest health crises. Obesity is often viewed as a simple problem that has many underlying layers. In its simplest form, obesity occurs when someone consumes more calories than they spend through exercise; however, it is often difficult for many to break the lifestyle habits that create the problem. It is recommended that those trying to lose weight reduce their caloric intake by eating smaller portions of food consisting of lower fat grams and lower calories. Increasing activity will help burn extra calories and get the metabolism moving. It is also a good idea to cut back on hidden calories in the form of soda, fruit juice, and punch, or other sugary drinks and replace them with water. Some people choose to use sugar substitutes such as stevia, Splenda (sucralose) or aspartame (Nutrasweet) to save even more calories. Still, though many make dietary changes, there are some who find that the weight still doesn’t come off as they would like. When you have tried a variety of weight loss methods, only to find a continual struggle with obesity, consider speaking to your health care provider about possible alternatives such as prescription weight loss drugs. Your health care provider may decide that you are a perfect candidate for Qnexa.

There are numerous reasons why someone should lose weight. First, there are health related issues involved. Those who are overweight are at an increased risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, and certain cancers. In addition to these severe conditions, there are often minor problems that can prove to be just as debilitating. Overweight and obese people often have trouble breathing when engaging in any type of physical activity, they become short of breath easily, and may have trouble walking at the same pace as others. Chronic back pain is a frequent complaint in those who are overweight or obese and the extra weight can take a toll on joins such as ankles and knees. It is often common for those who are obese to experience great swelling in the ankles and legs as well, as this may be a result of a lack of circulation. When someone becomes obese, they often enter into a catch-22 of sorts. They may become obese from taking in too many calories and not exercising enough, and then, find that it is difficult to exercise and they keep the cycle going. One of the greatest advantages in using a prescription medication such as Qnexa is that it can help a person get off the zigzag associated with dieting and begin to see sudden, weight loss and progress. This may be enough to encourage someone to continue exercising and make dietary changes that will help continue weight loss.

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