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pH Miracle Diet

The pH Miracle diet is becoming a very popular diet that restores equilibrium to the body. By eating foods that contain more alkaline, you decrease your acidic levels. People have reported that with the pH Miracle Diet, they have experienced weight loss, more energy, improvement in their arthritis, and better concentration, as well as many other great benefits.

The pH Miracle Diet’s main goal is to balance your body’s pH levels by adding more alkaline. Your body cells are already naturally alkaline, but by adding more alkaline you can help your body to be more balanced so that you don’t become tired and “stressed out.” Dr. Robert Young, the creator of the pH Miracle Diet, recommends avoiding acidic foods such as meats, wheat and dairy. To have better health, you should become a vegetarian, according to Dr. Robert Young.

Your blood maintains a pH balance or level, believe it or not. Your pH level is the total measurement of the ratio of acid to alkaline. The level of pH ranges anywhere from one to fourteen; one being considered as the most acidic, seven being considered as neutral, and fourteen being considered very alkaline. Your bloodstream actually works hard to maintain pH balance at 7.35 or at a maximum of 7.45, which is slightly alkaline. This is important because your body needs this balance to maintain your energy levels. The pH Miracle Diet assists you in maintaining balance in your body and can even boost your energy.

This diet shows you an easy and simple way to balance your pH levels, and explains why your pH levels may be unbalanced. The reason you gain weight is because there is too much acidic intake in your diet. This acid will eventually build up, causing the cells to malfunction. Over time, the acid will damage your cells as well as tissues and organs. The solution to incorporate more alkaline into your diet and get your pH levels more balanced will in turn result in your cells functioning properly.

The saying, “you are what you consume,” is so true. By adding alkaline to your diet, you are offering your body a chance against cancer and other types of harmful diseases. There are many sources that can be found on the Internet and in books that will give you a list of foods that are alkalizing as opposed to acidic. This diet will help you to balance your pH levels by limiting acidic foods and increasing alkalizing foods.

This diet is great for those who are suffering from obesity, through eliminating acidifying foods. A top concern for many of us is milk and dairy products and how that affects our diet. Dairy products are frequently used in Western diets, but often are not in many diet plans in other parts of the world. So what does this mean? That dairy isn’t necessary for good health, and for pH levels, it can be very harmful. Just researching the types of foods you consume on daily basis can really educate you on what is safe and what is not. This is why this diet has excluded dairy products — because of the acidic and unsafe side effects that may occur.

The pH Miracle Diet is all about balancing your diet. By limiting acidic foods and increasing the intake alkaline, you can achieve better health. The pH Miracle diet emphasizes eating more alkaline foods, as well as drinking more water. Alkaline water, also known as ionized water, offers your body the proper pH levels for cells to function properly. Alkaline water not only has a better taste, but also contains antioxidants. This allows your body to detoxify, and also increases the amount of oxygen that is carried to your cells. The minerals in the water are clustered for better hydration. Drinking alkaline water each day will increase your pH levels to a more alkaline and more balanced ratio. Ionized water gets rid of unwanted acids in your body. The special water helps to flush out toxins that then go through your kidneys and excreted through urine.

The average American’s diet doesn’t consist of alkalizing foods, and most of us are not vegetarians. Protein from animals is an important value that is emphasized in many other diets; but you don’t always have to get protein from animals. There is a belief that consuming a lot of protein benefits our health and helps with physical fitness. In reality, the body doesn’t need nearly as much protein as we think. In fact, there are a lot of other options to get protein outside of animals. Why does the pH Miracle Diet prohibit animal protein? Because any source of animal protein (whether it be meat, eggs, or dairy products), acidifies in our bodies. These effects become worse when you consume meats that are non-organic. The good nutrition that is found in meats such as, proteins, vitamins, and minerals, can be found in vegetarian sources without all the harmful substances often found in animal proteins.

If you have been using this diet, then you have probably heard the term “green drink” before. What are green drinks made out of? Well, they are mostly made from sprouted grains and other various green vegetables. These are very nutritious and contain vitamins and minerals that are essential for your body to regenerate and help with adding more alkaline into your diet. There are many different brands from which to choose, and this can seem somewhat overwhelming. Make sure to check the labels and look for the presence of alkaline vegetables in green drinks. Even though there are many different types of green drinks, most contain similar ingredients.

Green drinks will instantly add alkaline into your diet. They will also eliminate excess acids in your body and help neutralize the others. Many people who use green drinks report bursts of energy, and no longer need sources of caffeine. Green drinks can be a great substitute for that morning cup of coffee. You should at least try a green drink for a week, and you will feel the difference. Green drinks also help our immune systems and lower the amount of toxins in your body.

You can really enhance the positive effects of the pH Miracle Diet when you incorporate green drinks into your diet. Be sure to research the different options for green drinks and find ones that have alkalizing vegetables in them. Green drinks are a great way to add alkaline to your diet.

When you start the pH Miracle Diet, you will notice that the recommended balance of your pH levels to be 70% alkaline and 30% acidic. This means that you are not tied down to just eating all alkalizing foods. You will have the chance to eat acidic foods as well; just not as much as you may have been accustomed to eating. It may be tempting to eat animal protein, but remember that animal protein contains many acidic elements, so it may be easier to maintain your pH balance by choosing something a little less acidic — like oats, eggs, or pasta.

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