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How to Boost Metabolism

Metabolism is defined as the rate of the conversion of food into energy and subsequent burning off as calories. Essentially, the faster one burns off calories, the greater weight or fat that is dropped by the body even if one consumes the similar quantity of food. Calories are used in three ways. First, it is utilized in powering the body for its regular functions. This is also referred to as basal metabolic rate. It is also used in exercise and similar physical activities. Calories are also used in processing and digesting of food.

Are you thinking of ways to improve your metabolism? Here are proven ways to increase your body’s metabolism and help you achieve a healthier body. To increase metabolism, one should do cardio exercises. This is considered the best and most effective method of improving metabolism. When one exercises, the body required more energy to accomplish the task. Run, jog, swim, bike, and dance. These way, you can use a lot of energy and burn more calories. Experts suggest that cardio exercises should be done in the morning to kick start one’s metabolism for the entire day.

Second, lift weights. Being a weight training program and do it regularly, ideally at least thrice a week for at least 20 minutes. This way, you are promoting muscle growth. When the muscle becomes metabolically active, it burns more calories, resulting to gaining more muscles and getting rid of fat.

Third, always have breakfast. Never skip it. The body undergoes a fasting phase during at night since the body stops eating food, resulting to the slowing down of the metabolism. Thus, having breakfast in the morning is a good way to take metabolism back to its normal phase. It alerts the body that it is no longer in a fasting phase, and then the body begins to return to its normal metabolic rate.

Another good way to increase your metabolism is to eat smaller meals instead, and eating more often. This may sound crazy at first but in reality, this is a very clever and effective way of increasing one’s metabolism. Eat small amounts of meal around 5 to 6 times a day to maintain the high metabolic rate of the body. You are utilizing the thermic effect of foods in burning off energy. As you eat more frequently, your metabolic rate will improve as the day wears on.

It is recommended that you eat a larger portion of food during the early parts of the day. Dinners should have the lightest and smallest meal, and it should be eaten before 8 in the evening. This way your body functions well and you are able to burn food while you are still awake.

Another good way to improve one’s metabolism is to consume enough calories. Theoretically, the body needs around 60 percent of one’s calories per day to energize the body and get it going. Once a person consumes few calories, the body automatically begins to slow down and reduce its metabolic rate, particularly since it assumes that the person is starving. The body also does this to protect the person from losing energy, and maintaining the energy level of the individual.

Also, it is important to eat more lean protein. The body takes more energy in digesting protein compared to fat and carbohydrates. Thus it is vital that the diet has some lean protein like fish and lean chicken.

Likewise, eating fiber helps in boosting the thermic metabolism. Drinking lots of water daily can also help in increasing one’s metabolism, since water effectively helps in the energy burning process.

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