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High Protein Diet for Weight Loss

People who are looking to burn more fat and lose weight need to eat more protein. Nothing new to that statement you say. Well there are some new ideas here. Granted high protein diets are nothing new. Atkins and The Zone Diet are only two of the popular high protein diets that have hit the market in the past 10 years. These diets have promoted quick weight loss for dieters however there have been some major concerns about the high fat content of these diets. Heart and circulatory disease are major concerns for people who stay on these diets long term.

There have been some new studies done that have tweaked the high protein diets and made them safer to use. A clinical research study which was published in the American Journal of Physiology followed two groups that both consumed high protein diets. One group ate the recommended daily allowance of protein. The other group ate a much higher amount of protein per day. This group consumed a little over one gram of protein per pound of body weight per day. The group that ingested the higher amount of protein had a much higher metabolic rate than the group who ate the recommended daily amount of protein. Due to the higher metabolic rate, this group burned much more fat and in turn lost more weight than the other group.

The study also revealed that the highest peak of thermogenic activity was approximately one hour after eating. So the participants were instructed to change their eating habits from three meals a day to six small meals per day. They found that their thermogenic or metabolic rates increased even more once the number of meals were changed to six meals per day. The thermogenic effect was raised 42% which was almost three times the amount of the group who had eaten the recommended daily allowance of protein per day. That group only had a 16% increase in their thermogenic rate.

The study also showed that the body uses more calories to break down and metabolize the proteins than it normally would to break down carbohydrates. This makes the body burn more calories and fats, in turn assisting in weight and fat loss as well. By eating six small meals per day, a person does not get hungry as often or have cravings as they would have done with so much time between meals. Glucose levels will stay more level due to food staying in the system all during the day as opposed to the peaks and drops that happen when there are several hours between meals. There will be fewer insulin peaks and drops as well. People who eat a high protein diet can be reassured that they have a positive nitrogen balance. This helps to maintain the positive nitrogen balance in the body. What this means is that more lean muscle mass can be produced in the body without putting undue stress on the body to do so.

People who want to incorporate a body building or weight training program can use this diet as well as anyone who wants to use it for weight loss. This program can promote the building of lean muscle mass as well as fat loss without the fear of compromising the general health of the person who is using it. This is a nutritionally sound diet that can be used by all adults. Fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains should be added to round out this diet making it safe for anyone and fine for long term use.

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