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Herbalife Diet

Herbalife has been around for many years and is one of the biggest weight loss companies in the world. It is very profit driven, and unsurprisingly, the products are very expensive. The company offers various weight loss, nutrition, and skin products to people in over 50 countries. Some people find the diet very beneficial, while others not so much. This article will explain what the diet consists of and will share some of the negative and positive reviews.

What is the Herbalife Diet?
The basic meal plan consists of: 2 shakes a day, 2 snacks a day, 1 main meal a day, and a vitamin supplement 3 times a day.

For the shakes…
There are many, many shake mix flavors that can be mixed with either milk, soy milk, fruit juice, or a combination of any of those. A couple of scoops of protein powder and/or fresh fruit can be added to the shakes for an added, delightful flavor.

For the snacks…
Herbalife makes its own snacks that are protein- and nutrient-packed. Some examples are protein bars, soup mix, and roasted soy nuts. There are also other snack choices that are provided in a list and you can choose any of these low-fat options.

For the main meal…
The Herbalife program offers meal options for those interested in being on the diet.

For the vitamin supplement…
The company will provide the appropriate vitamin supplement.

Other supplements…
There are other nutrition products targeted to certain things, such as a specific function in the body or a specific vitamin or mineral. Any of these supplements can be used in conjunction with the other components of the program.

Once the target goal is reached…
Everybody has a different target goal, so there is no set length of time that an individual has to be on this diet. Once the target goal is reached, a maintenance program will be put into place so the person can maintain the desired weight.

The Company’s Role in the Program
There are distributors of Herbalife products throughout the world. When you sign up for one of the Herbalife programs, the distributor will be responsible for developing a personalized weight loss program designed to suit your calorie and protein needs; they will support you through regular communication until the target goal is reached.

Reviews of Herbalife Programs and Products
There have been both good and bad reviews for the Herbalife company. They differ based on the type of program or product the individual was using. In general, the reason that people have liked Herbalife is because they found the programs and products were very successful in helping them reach a target weight goal. The reason that people have disliked the products is because the whole ordeal can add up to a lot of money. Some people prefer to just buy nutritious and healthy food.

For Herbalife

  • The diet does not require you to stay on it for any given amount of time.
  • It leaves you with a good amount of options when it comes to choosing what to eat.
  • The products and programs are very effective.
  • People have reported having plenty of energy.
  • There have been people that have been successful in losing weight and keeping it off.

Against Herbalife

  • Some people would rather eat meals than have meal replacement shakes.
  • It is very expensive to stay on the diet for a long time. This is a problem because you are supposed to stay on a maintenance phase (once the target goal is reached) for life!
  • If the maintenance program is not followed, often times the weight that was lost is regained, and then some.
  • It is said that there aren’t enough calories to increase muscle mass.
  • Some of the supplements contain a type of ephedrine, which can be bad for some people in a high dose. Also, a drug tolerance can be built to ephedrine, meaning that if a dose worked for you in the beginning, it won’t work for you forever.

While it may seem that there are more bad reviews than good ones based on the number, it is all up to an individual what type of weight loss program he or she wants to get involved with. If money is not an issue, then the Herbalife diet may be perfect for you.

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