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Fasting for Weight Loss

As Professor Arnold Ehret once noted, the only true way is the way of nature. This is so very true. These days, so many people are trying to lose weight and become slim and slender. But very few of them know that there is one certain-to-succeed natural method that can make them more slender and, even more importantly, healthier. This method is as old as the hills and it is known as fasting.

This method is better any method you have ever heard of; it is the best remedy for so many diseases, both physical and mental. Fasting is more effective and beneficial than many different medicines, even combined with an exclusive alkaline-forming diet (eating mainly fruits, leafy and root vegetables). It is even better than crash exercise programs such as yoga, calisthenics, and Pilates. A well conducted fast is much better than all the above-mentioned methods; it is a gift for those who want to shed weight naturally and quickly.

There are four main types of fasts:

  • The Total Water Fast is very serious treatment, and it should be carried out with extreme caution or in a controlled and monitored environment if undertaken for more than three days.
  • The Juice Fast is much easier than the water-only fast, and can be undertaken for as many days as you wish.
  • The Fruit Fast involves eating seasonal organic fruits only in mono meals, for example, peas in autumn and watermelons in the summer. Sticking to such a fast, you will be able to see the benefits very soon.
  • The Dry Fast presumes that a person lives exclusively on dry fruits such as dates and figs for a couple of days, and then takes a laxative. Some people consider dry fasts very effective, while others do not.

However, you should always bear in mind that a fast is a very radical method of weight loss. As was mentioned in the book “Fitness: Inside and Out”, it is advisable to do some research before undertaking any kind of fast.

If you want to succeed and to lose weight in a healthy way, follow these tips:

  • Prepare your body for a fast. This should be a process of gradual lessening of the consumption of foods that are prepared quickly and easily, such as foods from restaurants and snack bars, or quick meals such as “take-out.” In addition, start eating more fruits and vegetables.
  • In the preparatory stage, start drinking an herbal tea laxative such as “Smooth Move Herbal Tea,” for example. Drink it three hours after supper and one half hour before going to sleep.
  • Right after waking up in the morning, drink one to two quarts of unflavored lemonade. This will balance the chemical reactions in your system and bring you back to an alkaline state.
  • Prepare yourself mentally before starting a fast.
  • Take it easy while on a mono diet of fruit or fasting.
  • Stop using microwaves.

The most important thing you should know is that you will not only lose excess weight, but also feel healthier and happier following a fast – it really is the fastest way to improve health.

Everybody knows that the most effective way to lose weight is to stop eating. It sounds like a simple plan, but if not conducted properly, you will fail to achieve any long-term results from fasting. There are a number of advantages and disadvantages of undertaking a fast to lose weight.

Fasting, in fact, is a form of dieting. This means that it is designed to bring dramatic but never permanent results. You can go on a long fast and eat nothing but apples and drink nothing but juice. You can fast for a number of weeks, and you will surely lose weight; but it is not as easy as it may seem. It is actually very difficult, and requires enormous willpower to drink tomato juice while your friends are indulging in pizza.

Besides, you should be aware of the fact that fasting cannot provide you with all the necessary ingredients your body needs for good performance, such as vitamins, minerals and protein. That is why long-term fasting should be undertaken under medical supervision only.

Ultimately, the greatest problem with fruit fasting or juice fasting is that after you stop fasting and start eating as you did before, you will probably put on the very weight you lost. So, is fasting at all effective for weight loss? Yes it is, although, it should be done properly. The best way of fasting is to go on short periodic fasts to send our digestive organs on vacation.

They need rest as well as we do, and that rest can prolong your life. That is why undertaking one-day fasts once a month can help you get rid of toxins and shed excess weight in a healthy and sustainable way.

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