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Fast Weight Loss for Special Occasions

So you have a huge celebration coming up and you cannot fit into your dress. This situation is familiar to many people who seek ways to lose weight quickly in order to look better for a special occasion. However, you should be aware of the fact that fast weight loss is not recommended. It is simply loss of muscle tissue and water. Usually, we gain weight over many months; that is why we should shed it at the same tempo.

But this may not be your case if you are in a situation where you do need to lose weight quickly. In this case, long-term diets may not be effective. While on a restrictive diet, you essentially starve yourself — and that makes your body try to overcome that situation. Dieting makes your metabolism run more slowly, and that means that fat is also burned more slowly. Even though the fat is not being burned, you begin to crave high-energy foods, because your body is trying to get more calories.

That is why statistics show that repeated dieting does not help you lose weight. After you discontinue a diet, you begin eating as you have eaten in the past, but your body tries to save more fat in case such an “attack” happens again. This means that your eating habits will not be as before, you most probably will be eating even more.

As a result, dieting is generally useless as a long term strategy. You need to speed up your metabolism. This will help much more than a diet. A strength-training workout can help result in leaner muscle and the race of metabolism will skyrocket.

To speed the rate of your metabolism, you do not need to undertake a five-days-per-week long and boring program. What you need is to work out twenty to thirty minutes per week, but very intensively so that your metabolism will work faster than before. This method always works. The calories are being burned while you exercise, and this process keeps going long after you stop working out.

This is the best method to lose weight quickly: to undertake an unexpected and intense exercise program that will make your body burn calories will increase functional lean muscle. In addition, some of your body fat will be lost and will not be regained as quickly as after a painful diet.

This is a great recipe to lose weight — not only for a special occasion, but to maintain a perfect shape for the rest of your life. To look great and be healthy you need eat quality food and get involved in more energy output. Look for bulk foods that offer energy but no fat, and that is low in both fat and sugar.

You should also remember that it is better to eat several small meals a day than two or three heavy meals. These small meals should provide a little protein to maintain your muscle mass and energy, as well as many different vitamins and minerals. It is of little benefit to consume your calories from high-energy fast foods. The best advice is to use a blender and make mixtures of milk and other various ingredients, but not forget to count the calories. These blender concoctions can become a great substitute for your usual three meals a day. Spread them into several smaller meals, to get the greatest benefit from this diet. In addition, you can use a calorie counter to keep track of all the calories you have consumed during the week. Then, you can figure out how many calories you usually consume per day. When you have this figure, subtract 1,000 calories, and that will be the number of calories you really need to consume each each day.

Because one pound of fat equals approximately 3,500 calories, this means that if you subtract 1,000 calories each day, you will have a deficit of 7,000 calories per week – leading to a loss of about two pounds of fat. This weight loss is by dietary means only.

Also, you should not forget about incidental activity. A sudden physical exercise program can help you to lose more than one pound per week. This can be a great addition to your weight loss program. The best exercise to lose weight is to walk at a fast pace, either indoors on a treadmill or outside. The choice is yours.

However, you do not have to exercise until you are out of breath. This should be a mild physical activity. Otherwise, your body will take energy from carbohydrate reserves and this will not help you to lose weight. You should try walking for one hour a day every day of the week.

This is not the program that any professional trainer would recommend. It is too hard to stick to for a long time and it works too fast, and that can hurt your health. However, if you need to do it for a special occasion, this is probably the best and healthiest program that will achieve a low caloric intake for a short time.

Usually, it is advisable to cut the amount of calories by just 500 per day. This is less stressful, and will allow your body to lose fat at a natural tempo. Together with an increased metabolism, this can be a perfect program for losing weight. Depending on your body structure, you will be losing 1-2 pounds per week, which is totally healthy. That does not require a drastic change in your lifestyle. Ultimately make sure that you are aware of the fine balance of food and exercise that you will need to maintain this plan and make sure that you visit the doctor regularly to monitor your overall health.

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