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Facts About Fad Diets

We’ve all seen it…the commercials, infomercials, advertisements online, even Oprah endorsing certain fad diets – these are everywhere and most of them have great promises but they aren’t exactly going to work out that well, at least healthily. A lot of companies are making millions off of marketing simple diets and usually they are either very unhealthy or you could have gotten the same diet plan from your doctor for no price at all. A lot of these diets are unhealthy because they are actually crash diets.

Almost nine out of every ten of these fad diets are just making you lose weight and only work for a short period of time. They technically don’t work though because your body will become dehydrated and it will need to rehydrate and get more water back in the body and that will put the weight back on anyways.

With your body becoming dehydrated also comes the risk of possible health issues or nutritional deficiencies so there is definitely nothing beneficial about going into one of these fad diets because in the long run you will not lose any weight and you could cause your body a lot of harm. Some of these fad diets also are packaged to look rather healthy and don’t look like they are crash diets, heck some of them let you eat a lot of goodies and still promise you that you will have to lose weight but to simply tell you the truth: if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is!

Even most of the diets that look like they will work healthily won’t actually work. There are other diets which will claim that you can eat burgers, chocolate, loads of addictive “goodies” and you will still lose weight. The thing with these is that they get you to eat a lot of one food and you lack a certain nutrient and by doing this, you can cause health issues and possibly end up with a nutritional deficiency as well.

There are some of these diets which could work for the long run bust for the most part; they are only temporary solutions – at least if you want to make sure that you do everything healthily. To look at the positive outcome, the diet works great and you lose a lot of weight but you have been using the diet for so long that it is time you come off it to prevent any health issues of occurring.

This can be fine, you probably got rid of most of the fat that was bothering you but now you will resort back to your old (and unhealthy) diet and put the weight back on – if you don’t do that, you are putting yourself at risk of health issues and nutritional deficiencies. Even the best fad diets available are probably ones that your doctor could have suggested you anyway

On the down side of things, being on a diet that lacks certain nutrients and vitamins can ultimately lead to you dying from a nutritional deficiency so you have to be very careful there. This may not happen a lot (death from a fad diet) but it is very much possible if you end up getting involved in the wrong diet. The more likely bad thing that would happen is that you would be forced to quit the diet and you end up back with the old (and unhealthy) diet and you gain the weight back. Having to quit the diet would probably lead to you returning to the old diet then getting depressed for doing so and give up completely.

It is different with everyone though how they handle having failed a goal or ending up on their old diet again. Some people punish themselves by eating junk and giving up on any possible success at losing weight and some people actually punish their selves by forcing their bodies to go the extra mile and diet hard and exercise even harder.

So you are probably wondering what you can do so you know if the fad diet is one that will work or not. Whenever you see a fad diet that looks promising, don’t get your hopes up because not many of them are even worth your time to attempt utilizing. If they will promise you that you will lose a lot of weight in a short period of time, just scratch it off your list right away because it is never a good diet plan.

You have to make sure that the diet you pick doesn’t make you eat a lot of one food and miss a lot of nutrients that you normally consume. A lot of these diets will get you to just eat one kind of food as you will lack certain foods that you normally need and from this you can really do harm to your body and it can do no good. Some of these particular diets (which focus on one kind of food) will suggest that you take supplements to replace the missed nutrients but a lot of these nutrients have to be consumed with that type of food (which is strictly forbidden by the diet plan) for it to activate.

Some of these diets will show positive results for a couple of weeks or even a couple of months but then if you were to continue on with the diet (as previously mentioned), it would lead into you missing certain nutrients in your everyday regimen and further leading to a nutritional deficiency occurring (or other health issues) because of a lack of certain nutrients.

A lot of these diets will make you be limited to only eating certain foods and this may be okay if the foods that you are allowed to eat are tasty but if you always have to eat the same stuff all the time, you will start to get bored of it and it will lose all good taste and eventually become unbearable in most cases and result in you quitting the diet likely. Most of these fad diets will not give you a wide variety of foods to choose from to eat so it is definitely really difficult to have good meals every day. Ideally, you are best to have a wide range of foods in your daily diet and always be making new, unique meals that are based on healthy ingredients.

If you get tired of the fad diet, it doesn’t take much for you to decide to give up on it and resort back to your old diet so it is important that the diet that you choose is unique, keeps you excited, and basically not repetitive. The main thing is to avoid failing your goal at all costs because even that one minor fail can lead to you giving up on all hopes of losing weight.

With failing a goal, it leads to you being depressed (which leads to comfort foods) and it is really just a big cycle so you have to be very careful because it is most likely that you will end up just gaining the weight back and giving up on ever trying to lose weight again – although, as previously mentioned, there are some people who use that as motivation to push themselves harder, but then again, those people probably aren’t overweight or obese anymore and wouldn’t be reading this, right?

A lot of these fad diets also pose a risk for people that are overweight or obese because larger people are generally already at risk of a heart problem and it has been found that most of these fad diets don’t comply with the recommendations made by the American Heart Association so a lot of these diets are risky for people with heart problems or that are sensitive to heart problems.

Quite a few of these fad diets will lack carbs and get you to consume a lot of fat and if you are trying to lose weight, this isn’t exactly what you want. Eating a lot of fat is definitely a bad thing because when you are overweight or obese, you are at a higher risk of a heart problem and a high fat diet can make that even worse.

Most of these diets are just made for short period usage and they also tell you that but you can probably agree that your mind will tell you that if it works, why quit? As this eBook has already said multiple times, you can’t keep using the diet because it will most likely lead to health issues and even nutritional deficiencies and most people would rather be overweight than have very severe nutritional deficiencies.

A lot of these fad diets also don’t let you consume the recommended amount of vegetables or fruits and this could pose a major health issue. The major problem here would be that you are limited and can’t get a variety of foods and that is very important (variety of foods) for you to have a healthy balanced diet.

Sure, some of these fad diets do actually work but as you know they are only a temporary solution to your weight problem and if you look at the long term effects, it could be a lot worse to even participate in a fad diet than to not do anything about your weight problem at all. You have to be able to change your lifestyle to the better and not just follow a fad diet and then jump off the bandwagon – a successful weight loss means that you will change your life forever to a healthier one. Coming off of a fad diet is usually a very hard thing to do because people are pretty much left helpless and not knowing what to do.

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