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Drinking Water to Speed Weight Loss

For many people drastically changing dietary habits need to be done over time. If you are used to eating certain foods, it may be difficult to drop everything cold turkey and eat raw vegetables and other healthy foods 100% of the time. It may be recommended for you to take small steps toward weight-loss by changing your habits one step at a time. The best first step toward better health and weight loss is drinking proper amounts of water. In addition, you should eliminate pretty much all other processed beverages from your diet. After practicing this for several weeks you will be able to see a visible difference in your weight. So many processed beverages contain a lot of calories that you can replace with water, which contains no calories. If you are a soda junkie, you will definitely experience some weight loss by eliminating soda from your diet. In regards to soda specifically, the process of eliminating soda from your diet will likely result in caffeine withdrawal. For several weeks you will likely experience headaches, nervousness, fatigue and overall restlessness until your body completely adjusts to the lack of caffeine in your diet. If you drink coffee in order to wake up in the morning, you will likely go through a period where it is next to impossible to wake up. You should set up a support system for yourself before attempting to eliminate coffee and soda from your diet if your body is completely dependent on it. This could mean, in drastic situations, using your vacation time from work to undergo the withdrawal process. In the long run, caffeine takes a hefty toll on your body. It is very beneficial to move towards eliminating caffeine consumption entirely.

In many ways this is easier said than done. However many people who have successfully eliminated caffeine after years of addiction will tell you that the health benefits received from a caffeine free a lifestyle makes the progress free of regrets. Especially if you are the type of person who needs to consume 20 ounces of Mountain Dew before being able to function in the morning, imagine being able to wake up naturally without any substances and being fully functional. That wired feeling is one that very few miss.

Eliminating caffeine is just one step of the process. The flip side involves making sure that you are drinking enough water throughout the day. This is a huge key to good health. Most people can calculate the number of ounces of water that they should consume in any given day by taking their total body weight and dividing that number by two. If you weigh 180 pounds, you should consume 90 ounces of water per day. If you drink bottled water, you are likely consuming 20 ounces at a time. This individual would need to drink five bottles of water per day. Treating appropriate amounts of water will help you digester food better and balance your energy level throughout the day. In fact, if at any given time you are experiencing fatigue, you should try drinking a glass of water to help combat that.

Drinking alcoholic drinks is worse because alcohol speeds up cell metabolism that consequently releases more energy. The release of much energy heats up body tissues and necessitates the production of perspiration to maintain correct body temperature. That is why perspiration may become profuse when drinking an alcoholic drink and the feeling of being dehydrated can really be felt after several rounds of heavy drinking. To compensate the volume of pure water that has been lost after an alcohol drinking spree or to help the body systems at least equalize the volume of sugar taken in through soda beverages, it is probably safe to drink pure water in the same volume of beverage or alcohol that has been imbibed.

Drinking water while you were eating your meals is also equally important. Not only will this help your body digest your food, but it will also contribute to the amount of food that you eat because water will naturally help fill your stomach, which will result in you eating smaller portions. Another side note to this is to make sure that you fully to all your food before you swallow it. Your saliva is a natural coating for your food to help your body process your food consumption faster and more efficiently.

Water is a natural beverage that should make you feel refreshed, once you eliminate your body’s addiction to caffeine and sugar. Remember to drink your water cold or with ice to maximize that feeling of refreshment. You may develop a preference to ice, remember to try drinking with crushed ice as well as cubes to find a preference that fits you. Some people recycle their bottled water by storing half filled bottles in their freezer and filling it up before leaving their house in order to keep their bottled water ice cold. Many people also have a habit of squeezing lemon into their ice water. This is a great way to enjoy water, as lemon is considered fresh fruit. Many East Asians will drink hot water in the morning in order to coat their system, and as a result wake up. This could be a habit that you could try in your overall health goals.

The normal amount of water that a person needs to drink daily can be computed by taking the body weight in pounds and dividing it by two. The answer is equal to the number of ounces of water that must be consumed. For example, a weight of 150 pounds divided by 2 gives the answer of 75. The volume of water that will need to be consumed daily then should not be less than 75 ounces. That is roughly about 6 to 8 ordinary water drinking glasses every day. Measured in bottled water, which is what is usually carried when traveling, that volume would be just a little less than 4 bottles of water daily, considering the usual 20-ounce size of the handy bottled water that is commonly sold.

Water is the heart of our being. Science will reveal that our body’s composition is 90% water. It makes sense to rely on water to refresh yourself and flush out your system. Many people who have eliminated unhealthy beverages from their diet completely to replace with water will testify that there is a healthy feeling that is indescribable because they can actually feel their body cleansing itself out. Once you experience that level of health, there is often no desire to go back to unhealthy habits. Replacing your various beverage consumptions with water will result in the ultimate feeling of good health.

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