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Coconut Oil and Weight Loss

More people are overweight than ever before. The latest statistics for the United States show that there are 58 million people that are overweight. Out of that number, 40 million are considered obese with 3 million being morbidly obese. This is almost of epidemic proportions in our society today. Something has to be wrong with our culture, our diets or the way that we think about eating if more people are becoming obese than getting thin. With all the diets, health foods, exercise plans, and other things on the market today to make people lose weight it seems that we are losing the battle of obesity rather than even getting a handle on it.

These statistics and outcomes are some things that the proponents of the coconut oil diet talk about. Their premise is that people many years ago ate all sorts of saturated fats such as lard, tallow, fish oils, and vegetable fats such as those from avocados and coconuts. They say that people in that time were not obese and were satisfied when they ate their meals because they ate the saturated fats that were consumed in their diets.

Let’s talk a bit about what fats and oils are so that you can tell the difference. All of these substances are known as lipids. If the substance is solid at room temperature it is known as a fat. If it is liquid when it is at room temperature it is considered an oil. Some of our vitamins such as Vitamin A,D, E, and K are all fat soluble vitamins. When fat is removed from the diet, these vitamins can be removed as well or not synthesized as they should be. So removing all fats from the diet is not recommended for health reasons.

The proponents of this diet state that the low fat diet that is touted as the way to lose weight by many today is very wrong. You eat, then you are hungry again in a short period of time. This leads to people eating a lot of carbohydrates which can actually put more weight on a person and sabotage their diets. By removing fats from the diet, you are removing the foods when eaten are responsible for keep you feeling satisfied and full.

It is recommended on this diet that you take in more fats in order to satisfy your appetite without eating a lot of carbohydrates that will cause you to gain weight. They recommend taking 1 tablespoon of virgin coconut oil before meals and at bedtime. This is supposed to help to satisfy your hunger without you eating too much.

They go on to show that farmers who are trying to fatten up their livestock to sell would feed them the vegetable oils. These are the same things that we are recommended to eat to keep our weight down. When people started wanting more lean meats, farmers started feeding their livestock coconut oil in order to make them more lean prior to taking them to the market to slaughter. What does that tell you?

Many people who have tried this diet have reported that they have lost weight while using the coconut oil regimen. They also reported that their energy levels were much higher than they were previously. There were reports as well that they were not hungry all the time anymore and that eating responsibly was very easy now. They were not tempted with sweets and carbohydrates like they were in the past. There were also reports of their hair, skin and nails improving elasticity and texture after using the coconut oil regiment for approximately one months time.

This diet seems to be fairly safe compared to some of the other fad diets on the market today. However if you are under the care of a physician for any type of chronic illness or take medication regularly, please consult with your medical provider before starting any diet or weight loss program.

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