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Cabbage Soup Diet

As a testament of most people’s increasing awareness about the dangers of obesity-related illnesses, many are trying out different weight loss programs that guarantees reduced weight instantly. However, they are often met with disappointment after their first few efforts failed. These people may not have the time or patience to engage in proper diet and exercise, the traditional way of losing weight and keeping it off. Thus, they try one diet after another in the hope of hitting the perfect weight loss program that will work for them.

One of the most popular diets available is the Cabbage Soup Diet. As its name implies, the dieter is required to consuming cabbage soup for seven consecutive days. Cabbages are popular for their low calorie content, and thus they are taken along with certain foods to ensure that some of the dieters’ weight will be reduced. Unlike other diet programs, this one does not require the dieter to drastically alter his or her lifestyle and eating habits. It only requires that your eating habits be somewhat improvised during the seven-day span of the diet.

A quick search on your favorite search engine will reveal many different recipes for cabbage soup. Because it initially tastes bland, some spice it up with seasonings, other vegetables such as celery, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, and bell peppers, and even some chili. Some recipes are also made for people who need to watch their sodium intake. More recent versions of the cabbage soup recipe calls for protein sources such as tofu or protein shakes to be taken together with the soup to ensure that the meal is balanced.

The Cabbage Soup Diet has specific rules and guidelines about what other foods are allowed for consumption during its week-long span. Generally, dieters are required to consume cabbage soup every day, together with fruits on the first day, vegetables on the second day, fruit and vegetables on the third day, bananas and skim milk on the fourth day, tomatoes and beef on the fifth day, vegetables and beef on the sixth day, and finally, vegetables, brown rice, and fruit juice on the seventh day. After this, the dieter can resume his or her regular eating habits.

This diet has no established definite success rate as of yet. There are no formal scientific studies yet that try to support or debunk the claim to fame of this particular diet. Instead, the prospective dieter is left to decide based on the mixed testimonials of other people who have tried it. Several dieters have reported losing up to ten pounds of unwanted weight but only for a short time because the weight gradually crept back when the dieter resumed his or her normal eating habits. There were also reports of light-headedness, fatigue, and lack of focus during the diet. Other dieters did not feel any effects. They experienced no side effects and no weight loss at all.

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