iBest Weight Loss

For those struggling with obesity or are overweight in general, finding diet pills that work is of the utmost importance. Diet pills may be obtained over the counter, with a prescription, or may be herbal formulas. They are generally taken by adults who are in overall good health or do not have underlying health issues. Some health care providers recommend prescription diet pills for patients that are overweight and having difficulty maintaining a healthy size or having trouble losing weight. Diet pills can help jump-start weight loss, making it easier for patients to reach their goals. Those with health related issues that are attributed to weight loss are often prescribed diet pills. These conditions may include hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol, certain types of arthritis, and heart disease. Diet pills are often viewed as the next step after a patient fails to lose weight by adjusting their diet and exercise and one step before weight loss surgery.

As more than 60% of all adults are either severely overweight or obese, those seeking quick weight loss is high. Because of this, many overweight consumers will purchase over the counter diet pills and other remedies that promise fast weight loss. First and foremost, it is important to understand that there are side effects and risks involved with all diet pills and over the counter diet pills are no exception. Those considering over the counter remedies and weight loss products should speak with their health care provider before taking these supplements. There may be interactions or contraindications between over-the-counter and prescription medications, which could prove to have serious consequences. Whether taking prescription, over the counter or herbal formulas, ensuring your doctor or health care provider is aware of the products you are taking is crucial.

You must consider the side effects involved in various diet pills and always research the main ingredients listed and their effectiveness in promoting weight loss. There are multiple ingredients that do have a reputation for promoting weight loss and are FDA approved. Even though they are effective, safety issues must be addressed before determining the best diet pill for your situation and individual needs. A perfect example of diet pills or remedies that are effective yet have several side effects is Alli. Alli is an over-the-counter weight loss remedy that works by slowing down and preventing fat absorption in the body. It is patterned after the prescription drug “Orlistat” or “Xenical.” Though Alli is effective it has side effects including diarrhea, loose stools, and hard-to-control bowel movements. There have been reports of severe liver damage as well.

An example of a readily available herbal remedy that promotes weight loss yet has side effects is bitter orange. Though not 100% verified through scientific research, studies have shown that bitter orange promotes an effect similar to Ephedra. It can raise heart rates and blood pressure, which causes many to believe it helps burn calories. Those with underlying heart problems might find that taking bitter orange has negative side effects. If you have underlying medical issues such as kidney, liver, or heart problems then contact your health care provider before taking any diet pills.
By letting your health care provider know of any weight loss products you are taking, he or she may monitor your condition and ensure that you are proceeding in a safe manner. Those with underlying health issues or are taking other medications will need heavy scrutiny to ensure they are not experiencing any reactions to diet pills, herbal formulas, or other weight loss products.

Though many diet pills are promoted with advertising campaigns that make it appear all you need to do is take a pill to lose weight and get in shape, this simply is not the case. To lose weight and keep it off, you will need to change your eating habits and cut back on daily caloric intake. Diet pills are designed to accompany a healthy diet and fitness routine, not replace them. Many diet pills work efficiently. By cooperating with your health care provider and taking diet pills under their supervision, you can get good results in a safe manner.