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Adipex or Adipex-P is the brand name for Phentermine Hydrochloride, a generic drug known for promoting weight loss. Available in tablet and capsule form, the drug is an appetite suppressant that is known for helping those who are overweight gain control over their diet. Adipex, or Phentermine, is only available through a prescription and is revered for its success. Doctors often prescribe Adipex when overweight or obese people have hit a stall in weight loss or plateau and simply cannot seem to lose weight. Doctors who prescribe Adipex recommend that their patients use a combination of Adipex with a healthy, sensible diet and regular exercise. Though Adipex is in high demand for its effect on appetite and weight loss, the diet pill does come with various side effects; therefore, it may not be the best weight loss drug for everyone.

Adipex is recommended for men and women that are obese and are at a high risk of diseases associated with weight gain. These include diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. The medication is taken in either pill or capsule form at various times. Capsules are usually taken once per day, while tablets are often taken up to three times a day. The medication is taken before eating, such as one hour before breakfast or thirty minutes before meals, according to the doctor’s recommendations. It is important to take Adipex at the times recommended in order to gain maximum benefits from the appetite suppressant. It is important not to take Adipex late in the day as the drug may produce insomnia and cause difficulty sleeping.

Other side effects associated with Adipex include feeling dizzy, nausea, upset stomach, irritability, feeling constipated or having diarrhea. These are the most reported or frequent side effects associated with Adipex, however, if users experience them they should still report it to their doctor or health care provider. There are rare side effects associated with Adipex and if these are experienced, patients are advised to stop taking Adipex and contact their health care provider immediately. These side effects include blurred vision or developing other vision changes, severe, unrelenting headache, trouble speaking or slurred speech, weakness or feeling paralyzed on one side of the body, or suffering from a seizure. There are also extremely dangerous and fatal complications that may occur such as pulmonary hypertension, and problems with heart valves. Risks increase with long-term use of Adipex.

It is important that those prescribed Adipex inform their health care provider of any herbal remedies or medications they may take. As many patients are readily aware of possible interactions from one prescription medication with another, they are often unaware of the potential harm that may arise when prescription drugs are mixed with herbal supplements, formulas, or remedies. Always tell your health care provider know of any over the counter or herbal products you are taking to ensure you prevent possible contraindications.

Those taking Adipex may find that they are more prone to drowsiness and should avoid taking the medicine with alcohol. People may find that it is dangerous to drive while taking the medication as well. If drowsiness or blurred vision occurs while taking Adipex, it is recommended that the user avoid driving or operating heavy machinery. Adipex is not recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers as the medication can easily pass through the placenta to the baby or through breast milk to nursing infants. Only women who are not pregnant and not planning to become pregnant should use Adipex.

It is important that those taking Adipex follow instructions as provided by their physician. Overdose from Adipex is possible so it is imperative to keep the medicine out of children’s reach and to only take the recommended dosage. Those prescribed Adipex that miss a dose should take the medication as soon as they remember and then resume their regular schedule. Adipex is an effective way to lose weight by suppressing appetite and when combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, can prove to have great results. Always follow your health care provider’s advice and speak to him or her about any questions you might have when taking Adipex. By using Adipex in a safe and controlled manner, you can make certain you gain maximum benefits from the appetite suppressant without compromising your health, safety, or well-being.

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